Specialized Professional Services

Members of the firm have successfully litigated many matters involving the federal Petroleum Marketing Practices Act (the "PMPA"), antitrust and unfair business practice cases against virtually all of the major oil companies as well as many state cases including:

  • Statutory right of first refusal
  • Illegal contract waivers
  • Lease and supply agreements
  • Wholesale/DTW and predatory pricing claims
  • Unfair business practices
  • Trademark
  • Trade dress and copyright matters
  • Royalty reclamation
  • Real estate litigation
  • Employment wage and hour claims and defense
  • Personal injury
  • Medical and legal malpractice
  • Insurance bad faith claims

Practice Areas

Ask us what we can do for you. Here are some examples of the services our firm can provide:

  • Residential and Commercial Real Property Contracts: If you sign a document, you agree to its terms. That's the law, regardless of what you intended. The time to find out what you're getting into is before you sign, not after a problem arises. Our team of experienced attorneys can help you determine your rights and responsibilities regarding key contract clauses. We will also help you develop negotiation strategies that maximize your leverage and return.
  • Transactional Documents: A real estate transaction can involve leases, sales contracts, promissory notes, security agreements, deeds of trust, environmental reports, partnership agreements, corporate resolutions, mechanic lien issues as well as other general advisement areas. Advice should be sought before signing documents.
  • Advice: Whether negotiating a lease or a purchase and sale agreement including the numerous related documents, obtaining advice before you agree to the terms and conditions can save you money and anxiety should a problem arise after execution of the agreements. Over the years, our firm has reviewed hundreds of leases, drafted hundreds of real property purchase agreements and business purchase and sale agreements, and if necessary litigated disagreements over such transactions. 
  • Ensuring effective risk management: Of course you have to take risks to make money. But the informed businessperson makes sure he or she takes only calculated risks. Good legal advice is critical to successful risk management and can be a key factor in maximizing your leverage and your potential return.

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